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100% recycled paper - 100% recyclable

Mobile partition walls are a practical way to ensure compliance with the prescribed hygiene and social distancing rules. With the sustainable EcoSafeBoard, you can safely welcome your guests and customers while protecting everyone.

The innovative EcoSafeBoard is a partition made of corrugated cardboard with a large viewing window. It is significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly compared to alternatives made out of plexiglass etc. Digitally printed, it has a high-quality appearance and thanks to various designs and possible uses, it fits perfectly into any location.

Made out of sustainable corrugated cardboard, it has a standard size of 630 x 1,180 mm. It can be used horizontally and vertically.

Total height with high feet: across 140 cm / upright 190 cm
Total height with low feet: across 76 cm / upright 126 cm
Low weight: 1,350 g per EcoSafeBoard

With each set you get the low and the high feet.

Packaging unit: 5 pieces

Easy-to-assemble and fully recyclable

The EcoSafe Board is easy to assemble and fully recyclable. All you need to do is remove the window film and dispose of it in the plastics bin and place the corrugated cardboard frame in the paper bin.

Exterior dimension: 630 x 1.180 mm
Weight: 2680 g
Delivery date 8/15/2022
Delivery date 8/15/2022
Delivery date 8/15/2022
Delivery date 8/15/2022
Delivery date 8/15/2022
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